Sofia Lim

Sofia Lim

Lighting Designer



Master of Design (Major in Lighting Design) – UTS, Sydney, Australia
Bachelor of Design – Raffles College of Design & Commerce, Sydney, Australia
Advanced Diploma (Interior Design) – Raffles College of Higher Education, Malaysia



Sofia has very recently joined Glowing Structures. After growing up in East Malaysia in a rural town, she took every chance to visit cities and experience design in various forms. This is where her passion for design, especially in the design of spaces became realised. Specialising her skills in the area of lighting and its uses in the context of spaces.

As a learning designer, Sofia finds herself attracted to intricate designs with a high appreciation for the attention put into details to create effortless works of art and design. She is excited to explore the different opportunities that her working life will bring, crafting spaces through the context of lighting in ever-changing and creative ways.