Sandra de Guara

Sandra de Guara

Operations Manager



Bachelor of Arts in Fashion (Distinction) – RMIT, Australia
Associate Diploma of Furniture Design – RMIT, Australia



Sandra’s creative arts background and career as a Fashion Designer is a gift defining life’s beautiful things that teach profound lessons.  The understanding that “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,” enlightened a revelation, to open her eyes & feel the beauty.  Finally, she was at peace, she could relate to anyone or anything, she was in awe of everything she encountered, everything just seemed beautiful.   The world was not about to define her.  It was her positive view of the world that became her ride to love anything that came her way, inspired by all beautiful things, not only fashion.  Life is made up of endless beauty making life transitory.  The loyalty with beauty makes the world a happier place.  The journey has proven to be continually inspiring with a fondness for lighting design.  It is the infant love for lighting breeding great happiness. With an acceptance of life’s journey, Sandra assists in the development & implementation of company’s strategies, policies & practices thereupon meeting the expectation & requirements of our gracious clients & our found team.