CHT Architects X Glowing Structures recently submitted an exciting pavilion concept for the 2024 NGV Architecture Commission with the idea to redefine how carbon emissions were perceived and understood by intertwining architecture and information. Through the skillful interplay of scale, light, and material, their design translated individual emissions of Australians into a tangible pavilion volume, making visitors confront their global footprint. By integrating global emissions data, the design prompted a vivid understanding of international perspectives and communicated disparities in carbon footprints. This fusion of art, data, and the environment aimed to catalyse dialogues about carbon footprints and the path to a sustainable future, transcending traditional architecture and instigating transformative conversations.⁠

The concept saw visitors to the pavilion embarking on a transformative journey that confronted Australia’s significant carbon emissions challenge. Upon entering, they encountered a striking visual representation of their individual carbon footprints, embodied in the pavilion’s tangible structure. The interplay of scale, light, and materials created an immersive experience, fostering a deep understanding of Australia’s role as one of the largest carbon emitters per capita. Green surroundings of the garden were intertwined to inspire hope and action. This immersive encounter challenged visitors to grapple with their environmental impact and engage in vital conversations about Australia’s responsibility in mitigating climate change, transcending traditional architecture and galvanising the nationwide dialogue on sustainability.⁠

Congratulations to Nicolas Reyes Beltran, Mark Spraggon and the team and thank you for inviting Glowing Structures onboard the entry!


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