101 Collins St - EOT

Putting wellness and health at the forefront – the IES Award Winning ‘ONE’ has transformed what is means to prepare for work. Instead of a hassle, it’s now a privilege – a private and refined experience that sets you up for the day ahead. Everything you need, all on one place.

Setting the bar

With the amenity of a six-star hotel, the facilities provide a “resort-style spa and wellness experience”, with terrazzo stone, light and dark marble vanities, timber veneers and an opulent reception lounge to complement the 500 bike racks and 512 personal lockers. Designed by Gray Puksand Architects this project has become widely recognized across Australia and internationally as setting the bar for corporate luxury.


Lighting design

Glowing Structures were appointed to softly and elegantly enhance the architectural and interior design intent, whilst exuding a feeling of rest and recovery. The concept was to provide a lighting scheme that provided a 6 star hotel-like experience to this one of a kind, unique sanctuary in the heart of the city. Working closely with both the Architect at Gray Puksand and Builders at SHAPE, Glowing Structures produced over 30 joinery details to ensure that the lighting was integrated seamlessly into the scheme as well as ensuring that each of the three main spaces (lounge, changing and bike store/ runners entry) were treated differently.

The lounge

The Lounge is treated with decorative items along with pin spots to highlight the timber wall accompanied with integrated joinery lighting to create a sense of warmth and relaxation.


The changing areas

The Changing areas are clean and bright spaces with concealed lighting throughout, from the illuminated towel shelving to ambient backlit showers and high quality lighting mounted within the vanity mirrors for effective facial lighting. Attention was paid to where “task” light was required and where more ambient soft lighting could be incorporated. A combination of colour temperatures also defines the use of areas. Within the showers we used a 3500kelvin linear in the ceiling to open the space and give a sense of daylight, whilst next to the showers the back lit mirrors are 2700k to warm up the area.


The entry

The entry to the bike store and runners entry had to be discreetly illuminated to avoid unwelcome attention to this secure area. By using low glare uplights to highlight the frosted glass the entry is illuminated enough for visitors but without “advertising” the entry.


The Bike store had to be evenly illuminated, and with all the dark surfaces and a last minute layout change this scheme was designed to ensure the walkways and the front of the bike stands are well lit but with no confusing shadowing produced through the racks.


With the layout of the space and varying finishes and ceiling heights, it was important that the majority of the lighting was concealed to even the space without creating visual clutter. This creates a sense of volume and airiness in this basement installation.


Maintenance factor was a huge consideration for the client and we had to ensure that all lighting could be accessed for maintenance. The way we intended the lighting behind the mirrors to be installed initially presented access issues, by working with the amazing construction team at SHAPE we designed a tool to be able to remove the linear if required.


The client briefed us that all luminaries must be high efficacy and low maintenance, by using high quality, energy efficient fittings throughout and using specific beam distributions this was achieved.


Thank you!

This fabulous project was announced winner of the IES International Award of Excellence 2019 and we would like to shoutout a huge thanks to all parties involved for this fantastic opportunity and collaboration. A very special thanks goes to Thomas Shiels and SHAPE for being such a wonderful company to work with. We have worked with Thomas since he started as a Building Cadet in 2017 and have watched him progress and excel within this industry to become a highly skilled and valuable asset to any project. We know that we can always expect great teamwork, friendly staff and a tenacious spirit. We couldn’t give these guys a higher recommendation!