The New Flame

In February 2022 Glowing Structures launched what we believe is a world first gallery celebrating light!

Glowing Structures is a passionate team of designers, creating bespoke lighting designs and installations for the built environment. Of the many facets of design we are involved in, the creative lighting of art, form and sculpture is an area we are extremely passionate about. The Gallery is a celebration of light, which we believe is the first of its kind in the world. It’s a place in which local artists and designers can collaborate to use the tools of light to enhance and embellish both art and everyday pieces alike.

The gallery is to be used to explore ways in which the characteristics of form, texture and colour are enhanced, maximising the potential of each piece through the use of a bespoke lighting solution.

We are launching new exhibitions every three months showcasing various artists, lighting techniques and creative concepts. We welcome all creatives and visitors to experience the gallery and explore how lighting can be used to alter one’s perception of a space or piece. A place where trial and error are part of the journey, having fun and celebrating light and new discoveries!