Introducing ‘Bodies of Water’, a new solo exhibition by photographer Belle Stewart

Bodies of Water’ represents the poetry of women’s bodies.

Water becomes a canvas for the unspoken, where innermost experiences find expression through the language of fluidity.

Each woman creates her own narrative expressing motion and emotion as she responds to the water around her.

Like the moon’s gravitational pull on the tides, we too, are inextricably linked to the rhythms of nature.

Water cradles us in our mothers’ wombs and continues through the pivotal moments of a woman’s existence.

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Belle Stewart

Award-winning fashion and portrait photographer, international fashion stylist, image-maker, and former fashion photography teacher at RMIT, Belle Stewart, presents her second solo show, ‘Bodies of Water’.

Inspiration came during a brief trip to visit family in the hinterlands near Byron Bay during the pandemic when Melbourne-based Belle Stewart and her teenage son found themselves locked out of Victoria for months. Due to poor wifi on the rainforest property, homeschooling became daily surf lessons, feeding the chooks, tending the horses and making art. Yet there were also moments of guilt as her family and friends remained locked down.

Bathing a nearby waterfall alone became a daily morning calming ritual for Stewart. Cradled in the womb of a freshwater hole at the bottom of the falls, she experienced absolute solitude and stillness.

The ability of water to inspire calm, creativity and growth in times of uncertainty provided Stewart with inspiration and reassurance. Beyond the water itself, Stewart reflected on womanhood, fertility, the phases of the moon and our collective connection to water.

Captured in the Northern Rivers of NSW and Bayside Melbourne, ‘Bodies of Water’ quietly observes, rather than orchestrates, the movements of Stewart’s subjects (all friends of the artist) as they find their own personal narrative in the solitude of water. Water becomes a canvas for the unspoken, where innermost experiences find expression through the language of fluidity.


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